We're looking for an Android Developer
You will become the lead Android developer on our technical team of 6 working alongside our iOS developer. MyAlbum is available in 5 languages and has over 600,000 active users worldwide... so you'll be coding for a crowd ;)
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As the second member of our mobile squad you're a mobile pioneer. A whole crowd of customers is anxiously awaiting YOUR app

Our startup originated from MijnAlbum.nl, which has been the market leader in photosharing for over a decade in the Netherlands. About 300,000 active users will be migrated to the new platform soon, yes you'll be coding for an audience.

The new platfrom consists of a multi-platform site and an iOS app. Launching an Android app is an absolute MUST HAVE which is why you will play a key role in development to get the app on the same feature level as the iOS app and quickly include all the new features and updates that will launch in the coming months. 

We need a creative, flexible and committed application developer with a CAN DO attitude!
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